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Dock Welding on Lake Austin & Lake Travis
Build Your Paradise on the Lake

Your waterfront home is your own personal paradise. Why not customize it to your tastes and needs?


Austin Aquatic Services allows you to design your own boat docks to fit your lifestyle and space. Need a better fit for your new boat? Want to add a slip or second-story deck? Whatever your vision or requirements, we work with you to make your perfect boat dock a reality.


Dock owners spend countless hours enjoying the waterfront, and your view of the water is prime real estate. Don’t settle for an eyesore dock or one that gets in the way of enjoying your home on the lake. Make a plan for dock renovation on Lake Austin or Lake Travis and upgrade your space to perfectly fit your needs.


Whether you are in need of emergency dock repair or want to renovate your dock, Austin Aquatic Services is the team for the job. We are uniquely capable of inspecting and welding your dock from above and below water. Owner/operator Audie Aker brings years of general dock construction, waterfront work, and underwater construction experience to his dock welding on Lake Austin and Lake Travis.

Dock Welding Lake Travis
Lake Travis Dock Welding
Dock Welding Lake Austin
frame and winch repair replacement
Dock Welding Repair

Complete Welding Services


Austin Aquatics can weld any part of your waterfront, from custom dock welding construction to structural repairs. The possibilities are endless, and we work with every customer to ensure their boat dock is built for years of enjoyment.

Our complete welding services include:

Custom Fabrication

Dock Frame Repair


Steel or Aluminum


Boat Lifts

Tram Repair

Stairway Repair

Custom Winch Box

Second Story Deck Additions

Boat Slip Addition

Jet Ski Lift Addition

Underwater Brace Repair & Additions

Whether you need a new stationary or floating dock, we have experience building both. We also have the expertise to guide your design and material selection, including structural steel and aluminum. Our years of experience guide every decision along the way so your outcome is a perfect boat dock for your property. 

Reliable Dock Welding on Lake Austin and Lake Travis

Why settle for someone else’s dock design, or worse, incomplete repairs? Get your dock welding done right the first time with Austin Aquatic Services. As your Highland Lakes neighbors, we work on every dock as if it were our own.

No problems, only solutions. Call Austin Aquatic Services for all your dock welding needs.



Austin Aquatic Services has an Extensive List of additional service offerings. Call today to inquire about your specific needs. 

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