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Your Underwater Handyman

Did you drop your wedding ring in Lake Travis? Or need to remove a colony of zebra mussels on your Lake Austin dock?


Austin Aquatic Services owner-operator Audie Aker has years of experience solving customer problems with dive services in Lake Austin and Lake Travis. Consider us your underwater handyman for quick retrievals or consultation.


From urgent search and recovery to long-term dock maintenance, Audie and our team are ready to dive in and deliver results.


Reliable Dive Services YOU CAN COUNT ON


Customers highly recommend Austin Aquatic Services because of our dependability and quality of service. We go the extra mile — on land or underwater — to get the job done right. With transparent pricing and clear communication throughout every project, we ensure customer satisfaction from the moment you call.


Austin Aquatics is equipped to retrieve anything, from a lost wedding ring to a sinking boat. We also perform essential underwater maintenance work, like zebra mussel removal and irrigation pump cleaning, with meticulous attention to detail to prevent further issues.


Don’t risk your health or further damage to your property. Call Austin Aquatics for simple, professional underwater services.

Our Lake Travis and Lake Austin dive services include:

Anchor Retrieval

Dock Repair

Fish Light Installation

Irrigation Pump Cleaning/Removal

Irrigation Pump Repair and/or Replacement

Marine Salvage

Search & Recovery

Submerged Trash/Debris Removal

Tree Removal

Underwater Frame Repair

Underwater Video Inspections

Zebra Mussel Removal

Tips for Preparing for Your Search & Recovery Diver


If you drop a valuable item in the lake, do not panic. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth item retrieval before your diver arrives:

  1. Use your phone maps to pin the location where you dropped your item

  2. Take photos of the place you dropped it, including any trees or rocks that can help identify the area

  3. Place a rock or brick in a plastic bag and drop it near the item to make an underwater flag marking the area


We recommend that you do not try to find your item on your own. Kicking up sand at the bottom of the lake could bury your item and make it harder to find, and you risk injury or drowning.

Tips For Preparing For Anchor Entanglement Removal


If your anchor becomes stuck on underwater structures or debris, call Austin Aquatic Services for prompt help. Do not try to dive in because doing so without proper equipment is dangerous to you and your boat.

While you wait for your diver to arrive, you can mark your anchor for retrieval. Always keep an empty 1-gallon bleach or milk jug on board with a permanent marker. Write your name, phone number, and “do not touch: we are seeking recovery” on the jug before securing it to the end of your anchor.

Dive Services You Can Count On


Whether you need a simple one-time retrieval or long-term maintenance you can count on, Austin Aquatic Services is here to offer reliable dive services in Lake Travis and Lake Austin.


We are proud to help our community with reasonable pricing and quality care. Call us to solve your underwater problems with efficient solutions from the experts.



Austin Aquatic Services has an Extensive List of additional service offerings. Call today to inquire about your specific needs. 

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