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Complete Dock Repairs on Lake Travis and Lake Austin

Your dock is your home base for enjoying all that Lake Travis and Lake Austin have to offer. Whether you’re lounging, boating, or jumping right in, you need your dock in top condition for your safety and leisure. Unkempt docks can turn into an eye sore, or worse, a serious safety hazard.

When you need dock repairs on Lake Austin or Lake Travis, call Austin Aquatic Services for a thorough job done right. Whether you need roofing, woodworking, storm damage repair, or welding, we are ready to work above and below water to restore your dock.

Our full dock repair service includes:


Metal and Woodworks

Roof Repair

Winch/Slide Systems

Cliff Recovery


Float Replacement

Bouey's Maintenance

Bumper Installation


Land Pin Installation

Dock Installation

Whether you need a small repair or a complete dock overhaul and installation, you can rely on us for every aspect of your boat dock repairs. Our comprehensive capabilities make us uniquely able to diagnose and solve any custom boat dock issue. Plus, we never upsell or create problems just to sell you solutions. We only offer the dock repairs you need, every time.


When you need thorough dock repairs you can trust, call Austin Aquatic Services.

Dock Repair Austin

Signs You Need Dock Repair

How do you know your dock needs repairs? Dock owners have a responsibility to keep their waterfront safe and enjoyable. Here are clear signs you need to keep an eye out for:

Discolored Wood

Discolored wood is most commonly a sign of wood rot. Although docks are sealed and protected, all wood rots over time. Discolored, weakened wood can also be a symptom of mold or termite damage. If you notice your wood turning a grayish-brown color or starting to fall apart, it’s time to call a professional for a diagnosis and appropriate repairs.

Warps and Cracks

Warps and cracks can come from any number of causes — crashes, storms, or just natural erosion over time. Especially take note if your dock seems uneven and sags over time. While you may be able to spot major warping or cracks on your dock, a professional can detect early stages for preventative maintenance. Call our team for an above- and below-water assessment of your boat dock for any issues.


Rust happens naturally as the metal components of your dock come into contact with water, whether they are submerged, splashed, or exposed to humid lake air. If you spot rust early on, we can clean it away and extend the life of your dock. Major rust issues can require the replacement of components or whole sections of your dock. When you notice rust, call for our expert diagnosis and dock repair.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Dock?

If you notice one of these signs early on in an isolated part of your dock, we can likely replace just that portion of your dock — one rotting beam, or one rusted roof panel. But if the issue is present throughout the dock and threatens its structural integrity, you may need complete dock replacement. When you aren’t sure, call Austin Aquatic Services.

Dock Repairs from Above and Below

Don’t settle for incomplete dock repair that may leave you high and dry, needing costly repairs in the near future. Get to the root of the problem with Austin Aquatic Services’ comprehensive dock repair on Lake Austin and Lake Travis.


We dive in and give an expert assessment of your dock from every angle. After years of dock repair service, we have seen and solved it all.


No problems, only solutions. Call Austin Aquatic Services for complete dock repairs so you can enjoy the waterfront worry-free.



Austin Aquatic Services has an Extensive List of additional service offerings. Call today to inquire about your specific needs. 

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