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Dock Maintenance Lake Travis & Lake Austin Dock Owners Count On

Homes on Lake Austin and Lake Travis are some of the most beautiful and coveted real estates in the country, but lake life comes with unique responsibilities.


Dock maintenance is crucial for a safe, enjoyable waterfront property. Plus, routine maintenance can save you thousands by preventing long-term dock or boat damage as well as related safety hazards.


From dock repair to routine maintenance, local dock owners choose Austin Aquatic Services so they can make the most of their homes on the lake.


Our experts provide a complete picture of your boat dock’s status and next steps. We look above and below water to find issues with your dock, boat lift, or anchor before they escalate — and we’re transparent with our pricing and services.

We provide the dock maintenance you need with the latest equipment, backed by years of experience.

Pressure Washing

Boat Lift Maintenance

Bi-annual Inspections Above and Below the Water

Anchor Replacement and Positioning

Bi-annual Zebra Mussel Removal

Boat Slip Install

Your neighbors on Lake Austin and Lake Travis choose Austin Aquatic Services for reliable, honest dock maintenance they can count on year-round.

freshly maintained dock on Lake Travis by Austin Aquatic Services

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Dock


Want to get the most out of your dock and maximize your return on investment? Here’s how you can keep your dock in top condition for longer:

  1. Inspect your dock regularly for loose parts, nails coming out, rotting wood, etc. You should keep an eye out for issues every time you use your dock, and call our experts for bi-annual above and below-water inspections to catch anything you missed.

  2. Clean your dock with a stiff brush and biodegradable soap. Pressure washing will quickly clean your boat dock, but should be followed by sanding to remove any splinters.

  3. Seal your dock with environmentally friendly waterproof wood sealant, especially after cleaning your boat dock.

  4. Remove hitchhiking organisms, like the invasive zebra mussels found in Lake Austin and Lake Travis. Call Austin Aquatic Services for safe, reliable zebra mussel removal before they damage your dock.

  5. Use quality covers to protect your dock when it’s not in use. Sunlight or cold temperatures can damage your dock over time, so investing in a cover will soon pay off.

  6. Install adequate rub rails and bumpers to prevent damage from your boat bouncing around. The better your rub rails and bumpers, the longer your dock will last.

Following these steps will prevent wear and tear on your dock, giving you more time to enjoy it without costly repairs or replacements.


We recommend a routine maintenance plan so our experts can keep an eye on your dock and solve any issues before they worsen. Regular dock maintenance will save you headaches and expensive repairs in the long term.

Enjoy Your Dock and Leave the Work to the Professionals

Investing in high-quality routine dock maintenance saves you thousands on an emergency dock or boat repair, plus allows you to enjoy the water worry-free. Your dock will be secured for years of safe swimming, boating, and lounging on the lake with family and guests.

Call Austin Aquatic Services for an expert inspection and reliable dock maintenance on Lake Austin and Lake Travis to maximize your investment.



Austin Aquatic Services has an Extensive List of additional service offerings. Call today to inquire about your specific needs. 

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